Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rosh Hashanah


Fernando (Nerd Gaucho) said...

Sorry, I'm not religious AT ALL.

In fact, I believe one can lead good lifes and be nice to others without supernatural beliefs. But than, that's me.

I was also raised (should I say indoctrinated) into believing about mythical gods, but by the time I turned 30... my mind did a "click" (well, actually a virtual click) and I said "this baggage doesn't belong to me).

OK, I'm not trying to convert you to atheism (really! ;), but ... just saying that once you do break from that silly imposed/cultural "tradition" you live a lot more freely.

I do, however, respect those that still believe in religions (sorry, I couldn't put this in a less condescent tone, I know it makes me look a bit arrogant ;).

So have a nice new year... (como decia ese personaje que a mi mucho no me va... Landriscina... 'no aclare, que oscurece' ;).


99 said...

I wasn´t raise on any religion Gaucho but I´m not an atheist. My faith is in Life an I tribute to the goddess of Nature (sort of a Pachamama way).

I respect any other way of thinking God, yours included.
(Y no sé qué cornos estamos haciendo hablando en inglés)
Buen año para vos también.