Sunday, March 16, 2008



Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hell on Earth

-Hi there 99. I have just received news from my friends from the former neighbor´s tambo.
-Hi Negrita. I´m a little busy right now, but tell me are there good news?
-Good and bad, said the cow.
-Go ahead, shoot.
-Well it seems that my Holando-Argentina best friend got so popular that she´s on stamps!
-Wow... and why´s was that?

-Because of her spots
-Her spots turned out to be the world map. I think that´s why she was always looking at the airplanes.

-So, she´s being photographed?
-Nah... she´s not the model type. She goes to schools to teach geography to the children.

-And the bad news?
-The other cows were sent to Hell on Earth: the feedlot.

-God bless their souls Negrita...
-I´ll pray for them tonight 99...

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