Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hell on Earth

-Hi there 99. I have just received news from my friends from the former neighbor´s tambo.
-Hi Negrita. I´m a little busy right now, but tell me are there good news?
-Good and bad, said the cow.
-Go ahead, shoot.
-Well it seems that my Holando-Argentina best friend got so popular that she´s on stamps!
-Wow... and why´s was that?

-Because of her spots
-Her spots turned out to be the world map. I think that´s why she was always looking at the airplanes.

-So, she´s being photographed?
-Nah... she´s not the model type. She goes to schools to teach geography to the children.

-And the bad news?
-The other cows were sent to Hell on Earth: the feedlot.

-God bless their souls Negrita...
-I´ll pray for them tonight 99...

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GMG said...

WOW! Great post! You made my Saturday! Que história divertida... ;))
Bom fim de semana!

99 said...

Thanks Gil.
I wanted to put a touch of magic before showing my real intention: to denounce the atrocities of the feedlots.

I´m not that good with words as to describe the cruelty and torture the cows are subjected to at the feedlots.
The practice also turns into antibiotic and hormone injections that we finally eat and drink.

I´ll try to do it better in my next post. See you around.

99 said...

Thanks Paul for caring!

Isabella Azul said...

¡Oh no, another scary bedtime story! ¿When will the madness be el fin del cuento?!

99 said...

No lo sé Isa... a mí también me da miedo...
For now, I am going to stop just writing. I´m going to go out there and do something about it!

Isabella Azul said...

Well, tell me how I can help too! I know that grown ups want to do something, but really feel overwhelmed and don´t even know where to begin :( So you can imagine how a peque like me would feel!

99 said...

I know where I am going to begin.
I contacted a couple of professors in Animal Welfare issues and I am going to invite them to meetings with producers and their children.
May be the next generation pushes for the change.

We might need you in the future Isa! So keep growing, loving and caring...

besitos and moos