Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Still waiting


GMG said...

Amazing post! And I love this music! Hope it's not for Godot the waiting... ;)
Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, where I’m still around Rabat, but preparing to move to Casablanca… ;))
Que tengas un fin de semana magnifico!

99 said...

You are amazing Gil! I mean amazingly smart. You´re simply brilliant. I thought exactly of Becket when I made this post...
Although I´m not talking religion or philosophy.
I´m talking Argentinean politics and the lack of plans to solve the most important and decisive rural strike in our history and... waiting for Godot is very much like waiting for a solution on an unnecessary conflict that´s struggling our country and has a second act going on as I write.

Men, I really want to meet you!
Na verdade nós, meu marido e eu, queremos lhe conhecer. Deixe-nos dizer quando você vai vir por esses lares do mundo!
E muito obrigada.

Anonymous said...

Acabo de ver tu blog.
Espero que visites mi blog, son fotos de mi pueblo, de España y de Italia y Francia:

donde encontrarás los enlaces de todos los blogs.

99 said...

Hola Marcelo,
muy lindas tus fotos. Me gustó la sopa de tomate.
Gracias por pasar por aquí.