Friday, September 12, 2008


Una mirada inteligente de un especialista sobre el futuro de la producción y comercialización de productos cárnicos en Argentina.


Nikon said...

Hi, it was good to hear from you!
I've always heard that BA is the Paris of South America (but cheaper, like you said).
It would be great if I could visit either one :)
I hope all is well with you!

99 said...

Hi Paul!
What you heard is true. Come any time to see it for yourself.
Other than the palm trees we have all sorts of demonstrations in the streets at any moment.
Buenos Aires is beautiful and you´ll never be bored here. There´s always action around...
Have a great weekend.

GMG said...

Hi 99! Here I am to enjoy your lovely blog! And I catch a typical Argentinian sentence: «Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America...» ;))
No, Buenos Aires is Buenos Aires, and that's already enough... ;))
Look forward to reading you at Blogtrotter, now back in Chania!
Have a great week!