Thursday, October 09, 2008



GMG said...

Hey Lalilita, too busy?
tell me, you also vote in the US or you only vote in the US?
In times of globalization, if the whole world had a vote on the US presidential election, there would be no doubt about the result... ;))
Miss you at Blogtrotter... ;)

99 said...

Way too busy to post or visit friends... sorry.
Buenos Aires (and my own house) turned into Obama´s campaign "bunker" for Central and South America. We´re calling everybody to help them vote. I even called Antarctica!

-K- said...

I haven't seen this even here in the US.

I'm not certain Obama will win for reason I just posted on my blog.

99 said...

Hi Kevin!
You´re right. We democrats tend to be overconfident in this days... although as you very clearly exposed in your post, fraud and racism are a reality we should also take in serious consideration.

PS: I Love your photos.