Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pan dulce!

Christmas/Navidad in/en Argentina is a PAN DULCE fiesta
and this is the award winner/y éste es el ganador de los premios:

For a review on the best Pan Dulce on planet Earth check here


GMG said...

Hi 99! Pan Dulce? I'll take whichever you wanna send... ;)Amazing video!!
Now, your visits to Blogtrotter turned silent?Miss the comments :(
It's Tunisia... Hope you enjoy! Have a great week!

99 said...

Hi Gil!
I wish I could sent you one of these superb Pan Dulces. But it would be a logistics nightmare since you seem to be jumping from country to country... now Tunisia!

I visited your site in silence because I don´t have much time to write for fun nowadays. Our DAA organization is sadly going through a coup d´etat and the junta people ought to be fought with every spare energy we members have.