Sunday, January 03, 2010

The origin of the rainbows

- Hi there Negrita! Come here with me under the barn, I told the cow when I saw her getting all wet
- Don´t you like the rain 99?
- I sure do! It´s good for the crops and it feels even better when followed by a rainbow
- Thanks
- Why do you thank me Negrita? I was complimenting the good heavens not you
- She gave me a look and said, So... you don´t know about the Celestial Cows attributes and responsibilities?
- What???
- I guess your Mom didn´t tell you. Oh! sorry 99, I remember now, your Mom is not a cow...
- Of course she´s not!
- Well, my Mom was and she told me what her Mom told her she knew from her own Mom
- And that is...?
- Rainbows are part of the Celestial Cows responsibilities.
- Tell me more Negrita

- See, we Terrestrial Cows moo and give milk to feed the bodies. Celestial Cows sing and paint to feed the spirits. We are very organized. I am a TC and will become a CC in some years
- You mean when you pass away?
- Yep. I´m still choosing my color and tune. When I was young I wanted to be a red and sing thunders but as time passed I´m more inclined to green and laughter. Anyway, there´s no rush to pick...
- You mean you can pick?
- Yep, it´s called free will and it works there as it works here. Maybe you can help me choose, 99
- Actually I like green and I think it would suit you but I´ve never heard laughter coming down from the skies. I don´t think I can be of any help to you Negrita, I still don´t get much of that heavens stuff. So what else did your Mom tell you about the rainbows?
- She told me that every CC in the Celestial Herd has to weave rainbows by milking out her color after each rain

- How come that there are not always rainbows after all rains?
- It´s simple, 99. There are not that enough CCs to cover the whole skies in the world plus most of CCs were TCs from tropical areas of the planet and they get very confused when it snows
- Gotcha now, I laughed at the cow, I guess you´re not that organized after all, ah Negrita?
- You´re wrong again. We are very organized. We reincarnate until we learn... Hey 99! I like the sound of your laughter! it goes well with green! ... can I borrow it?
- ...

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