Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The infinite mirrors

recruiters still want your resume?

Blogs, Vlog’s, how about a PodCV or a videoCV?
Live Flash streaming from the PodTech site?
RSS feeds?

I followed La Nacion's article on how to be seen in your self-inflated bone structures to get a job, and discovered The Bloggers Business School.

I went on and in and found the interesting imaginary Inuit test with the hero Annakpok and his culture shock.
I feel lucky to have access to internet and I know that it´s a privilege not too many people have on the Planet.

What I´m learning nowadays from my short experience with blogs is that the world is no longer a zero sum. There´s an exchange of a hyper intensive, highly participatory nature in the "new" world. And culture becomes a matter of emotion.

I also realize that we bloggers have the unique opportunity to use this place as a constructive arena with responsibility and an ultimate personal contributing message. By posting, commenting or simply reading we are developing a social net. Its inherent openness and globality, in my view, is not just to show our identities, it gives us freedom to share and construct knowledge.
Any other purpose in my opinion is a waste.

So what do you blog for?


Frank.Sugar&Spice said...

Hi 99,

Actually your latest comment on Yanqui Mikes blog got me thinking about just this topic you touched on. Why do we blog and why would anyone read our particular blogs. Sharing I guess is the main basic purpose if you want to summarize it.

When you start using this media for something other than sharing then you tend to loose your way I guess.

I am fairly new to this so I am just plugging away and learning myself.

Frank.Sugar&Spice said...


By the way, I am planning a blogger's event at my store. If you would be interested in going please go to the following link to my blog. I basically need your e-mail, name and blog title. I then send this to my PR person who is organizing this event.


99 said...

Hola Frank,
thanks for the comment. We´re all new to this blogging thing. I don´t exactly know which of my comments in Mike´s blog triggered your thoughts. I comment a lot there, sometimes a bit too much ;)
Blogging seems to me to be just another reflection of who we are. I, for example, get a lot of lurking - you wouldn´t imagine how much-, others get a lot of trolling, others get a lot of comments, some spit venom and for some are kinda confessionals, etc. It might be also a reflection of the way we relate to people in the real world... who knows? And every one gets a different view of where we want to go with our ideas, who we want to enroll, what we want to exchange or how much we want to be envolved...
That´s the reason of this post title and that the richness of this means which I believe it´s another path for learning.

Thanks for the invitation! I´ll do my best to go. (In fact I met you many years ago in a newcomers event on a Sinclair st. apartment meeting. You were presenting your cookies back then and we were all munching them!)
See you there.

Frank.Sugar&Spice said...

Hi 99,

Wow you took me back. I remember those BAIN home meetings. Do you know that the very last home meeting was at my house? Now they hold the meetings at ICANA and they are still munching on my cookies, brownies, pound cake, savory cookies, etc.

I look forward to meeting you again.