Sunday, May 27, 2007

Papeleras GO HOME

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About ENCE´s 500,000 ton per year pulp mill plant relocation
from REUTERS Industry reports, Dec 2006

The new site is at Punta Pereira near the north shore of the wide Rio de la Plata river, about 37 miles (60 km) downstream from where the Uruguay River feeds into the Rio de la Plata. It is also downstream from the original site at Fray Bentos on the Uruguay River.
Ence said in October it would put the EUR 930 million plant somewhere other than Fray Bentos, but still in Uruguay. At the time it said the relocation did not have to do with the growing problems between Argentina and Uruguay over the plant.
“We are not relocating because of the conflict, we are relocating because, in terms of manufacturing processes, it is impossible to build two pulp mill in Fray Bentos,” Arregui said in October.
“These two plants would need 6 million tonnes per year of fiber. A truck load is 30 tonnes, so that’s 200,000 trips in a year, going up and down the same roads. And that’s just the wood. Pulp dispatch would be about a third of that,” Arregui added.
Finnish company Metsa-Botnia is still building its own pulp mill at Fray Bentos, which has been the source of bitter disputes between Argentina and Uruguay.

Ence es una empresa española que ya fue condenada en su propio país, debiendo asumir la condena de 6 de sus directivos por delito ecológico, dos delitos continuados de daños y cuatro faltas contra las personas en relación con la actividad contaminante de sus factorías sólo en Pontevedra.

Sabés que la vas a tener frente a tus narices
en Buenos Aires?

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MS said...

No se puede ver bien pero el tipo que aplaude, a la derecha, me hace acordar a Lucho Avilés! Dónde fue ese evento? Quién lo organizó? Tenés el enlace? Nada mejor que una potra en bolas para darle énfasis a la seriedad de la protesta. Ay ay ay...

99 said...

Hablando de minas con ovarios...
Esta es Evangelina Carrozo, reina del carnaval de Gualeguaychú que se coló como periodista nada menos que en LA CUARTA CUMBRE UNIÓN EUROPEA, AMÉRICA LATINA Y CARIBE en Viena, el 12 de mayo de 2006. Se sacó las pilchas y mostró el conflicto con garra y valentía ante los 58 presidentes en la ceremonia inaugural. Celebraron la idea todos excepto Tabaré Vazquez (ROU) y el que aplaudió muy especialmente fue Hugo Chávez. Lo cierto es que Evangelina dejó instalado el tema ante el mundo y nadie se pudo hacer el sota, todos dieron algún tipo de opinión y eso como ya sabés queda escrito ;-).
Seguí los links y vas a ver...
También podés ver todo el conflicto en mi sidebar con el link "No a las papeleras"

(Si en algún momento te interesa el tema te puedo pasar una presentación que hice el año pasado en la UBA respecto del impacto ambiental que estas plantas van a introducir en la zona. Es medio pesadito)

MS said...

Me interesa. Dame unos días.

Frank.Sugar&Spice said...

Hi 99,

Good post. I wonder why I haven't heard much about this since I would have thought that it would be a big deal having this thing right across the river from us. Is this being covered and I am just missing it? This could be since I tend to skim the papers alot these days instead of reading them.


99 said...

ahhh papers papers papers... I´m buried in them Frank, I know what you mean. The bushes and the trees...

But in this case is not that you skipped the news. The news is deliberately being not covered by the media. You have to dig deep in the internet for it.

The papeleras conflict touches so many international interests that at least 6 of the biggest nations leaders are personally involved. Not to mention the multinational octopuses or the local countries.

The papeleras issue has many "uncovered" sides.
To me the most important is that the only non renewable resource, fresh water, is not even being discussed. If you take a look at Aquifer Guaraní -wiki´s map doesn´t show the whole extension- you´ll see that literally under our feet the biggest reservoir in the world is at risk. Some countries are looking forward to take it over and this is almost the only thing holding the region´s ecological disaster. Ironic no?

And I´m not talking pollution. I´m talking about misuse of it and depredation.

To feed the papeleras needs of wood, multinational corporations have been planting in the last 2 decades pine and gum trees in and such an extension that small farmers surrounding these forests are already complaining about desertification. This news is not covered either. Pollution seems to sell more than desertification and that´s why you don´t hear much about it.
The amount of water that these fast growing non native forests suck from the underground is amazing. Some towns even in Uruguay are concerned about their drinking water systems. I mean NOWADAYS.

Other sides of course have more to do with polluting not only water but also air and earth.

Talking about bushes and trees... Well, sorry Frank, I guess instead of answering to your comment I´m kinda posting here. So, I´ll just post about it.

Saludos a vos, che.

99 said...

The link didn´t seem to work well. Take another look at Acuífero Guaraní

Frank.Sugar&Spice said...

Hi 99,

Touche, remember I started doing the same thing to you on one of my comments in my own blog. I completely understand. When you feel strongly about something it´s easy to just go on a rant. However, this is very interesting stuff you are digging up and showing us. It has been new to me and you are right I would never have thought about the negative side of planting too many trees (and non native to boot).

Thank you.