Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Lose-lose players

Too sad.
DAA has been intervened due to 4 individuals that played the lose-lose way.
Good news is there was an extremely generous win-win player Chairman, Yanqui Mike, that resigned before the whole chapter might have been de-certified.
God bless his soul.
God bless the hundreds of win-win souls that supported him and understood.
God help the other 4.
Watch for DAA elections in January 2009


David said...

i have no idea what really is going on with daa but may i ask are you yanqui mikes partner?

99 said...

Hi David.
DAA is going exactly through what I wrote here.
I am not abundant in the details of the failed coup but if you´re curious and a DAA member you should ask for them at democratsabroad.org
Thanks for passing by.

GMG said...

Hi 99! Just dropped by to wish you a great holiday season! Hope to be back before 2009... ;) Merry Christmas!
Meanwhile Blogtrotter is starting its new adventure in India. Enjoy and have a great week!

99 said...

Obrigado Gil! Felicidade para vocês também na India

GMG said...

Olá Lalilita. A India foi em Fevereiro 2008; agora estou «parado» em Lisboa... ;))
Mas o Blogtrotter tem um novo post sobre o Forte Vermelho, em Delhi.
Feliz 2009, com tudo o que desejas!

99 said...

Obrigado Gil, o melhor para você também no 2009.

Nikon said...

Happy New Year to you & Negrita :-)
I hope that you have a great one!

99 said...

Thanks Paul!
Negrita is probably celebrating with some summer pampas grass and I´ll open a champagne bottle right now.
Have a great 2009!