Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Progressive Ticket

for Democrats Abroad Argentina

Chairman: Mike Skowronek
Vice- Chair: Deby Novitz
Secretary: Marta Motta
Treasurer: Frank Almeida
Counsel: Matthew Johnson

Please support these truly progressive people with your vote before January 31st.

If you´re not already a member you can join at


GMG said...

Hi 99! TGIF!! ;)
It seems you have been quite busy...;)
Meanwhile Blogtrotter, still posting on Delhi, waits your comments! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

GMG said...

You didn't like the tombs?

GMG said...

Hi Lalilita!
Long time no see you at Blogtrotter! New Delhi waits your comments… ;)
Have a great week!

99 said...

Hola Gil,
It was a hell of a month. I´ll return to your site now!
BTW, we won!