Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Instinct / Instinto

The swarm, the torus and the flock, your personal space

Researchers have studied emergent behaviors of ants and locusts to try to understand our own instincts.
It´s been found that a swarm is formed when individuals both attract and repel but do not try to orient themselves to their neighbors. A torus takes place when they move around an empty circle to try to orient themselves to their closest neighbors. A flock is finally achieved when the individuals move with a strong feeling of group in one direction.
Do you keep an eye on your Internet neighborhood? It seems to me that we write or read in a very similar way, according to our inner swarm. If it happens that we take collective decisions like that too, it´s a great opportunity to form our flock and move towards something more important than attracting-repelling others.
Any ideas?

El enjambre, el toroide y la manada, tu espacio personal

Los científicos han estudiando el comportamiento emergente de hormigas y langostas para entender nuestros propios instintos.
Han encontrado que un enjambre se forma cuando los individuos se atraen y repelen pero no tratan de orientarse con respecto a sus vecinos. Se forma un toroide alrededor de un centro vacío cuando tratan de orientarse con los vecinos más próximos. Una manada se alcanza finalmente cuando todos los individuos se mueven con una fuerte sensación de grupo en una única dirección.
Estás atento a tu vecindario en Internet? A mí me parece que escribimos y leemos de la misma manera, de acuerdo a nuestro enjambre interior. Si resulta que tomamos decisiones colectivas también de esta manera, es una buena oportunidad de formar una manada que marche hacia algo más importante que sólo atraer/repeler a otros.
Alguna idea?


Maria Fischinger said...

Interesante hipotesis,pero, entonces yo soy la excepcion... Mi lema viva yo caliente riase la gente... nunca ..me dejare llevar por el parecer de los demas...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my birds blog. I appreciate it.

You were there just before I added two Carolina Wren photos. Maybe you can return to see them one day.

We are getting colder here in Ohio. Had some snow flakes but no accumulation yet.

I have been working on my http://www.oldmanlincoln.com/ website trying to change the color scheme and it takes a while.

Hope you are all OK down there in Argentina. Seems like forever away from here.

Abraham Lincoln

99 said...

Just jump up in a plane, it´s not as far away as it seems. My husband and I would be very happy to show you and your wife the place. Anyway, Internet is a great option to be in touch, no?

I like very much the new site. Shapes and colors are beautiful and your "going green" section is great.

My favorite picture is the raccoon in the squirrels´ house.
See you around.

Dr. T said...

Swarm theory is very interesting, especially insofar as it explains emergent properties of systems. What does swarm theory have to say about economics, do you think?

99 said...

What a good question Dr.T
I´m not an expert in economics (maybe one of the bloggers here is). My opinion would be that as any human related system, Economy follows the human patterns.
The attactor area for the flock in that case? It varies according to survival and dominance rules the relationship between swarms. Predators can also distract folks from their goals and disperse the individuals for the predators own survival sake.
I don´t see much difference in human treatment of the subject.
Anyway, I´m talking human not humane...

BTW, I really like very much your Evolutionary Aesthetics blog. I´ll be stopping by regularly.

99 said...

María, tu comentario me quedó en la bandeja de aprobación y no me había dado cuenta, disculpá.

Yo comprendo la teoría como una cuestión de diversidad dentro de la unidad.

Traté de escribir un post que se tratara de individuos que toman sus propias decisiones y luego una decisión grupal.
Por ejemplo, alguien que escribe sus propios cuentos con sus propias ideas y palabras, y al mismo tiempo pertenece a un grupo literario.
Desde ese lugar mepa que tu reacción dentro de una posible "manada" está contemplada.

Con todo cariño, rebeldita mía, lo siento pero también estás adentro...

Gracias por venir a mi blog! Lo aprecio de verdad.

Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

How interesting your blog is, 99
A wide breadth of engaging subjects, judicious commentary and observations... plus, I love the multilingualism!
We are all citizens of ONE body - the planet Earth. We should speak as many languages as we can and address the world on these topics, as you do.

My regards to you - and to agent 86 too ;)


99 said...

Hi Luminous Luciano. Thanks for the compliments.
Idiomas, línguas, languanges are only tools. The blogosphere in this regard is kind of an expression of humankind trying to reconstruct the tower of Babel, don´t you think so?
I wish I could write language-less poems straight to the soul like you do.

I agree we are all ONE and we are all guests in this beautiful place.

You´re very welcomed here. Keep coming and write in Portuguese if you want, I´m sure some of the people here would love it.
BTW, I don´t know 86 ;-)