Saturday, November 10, 2007

My light

A brillar mi amor, vamos a brillar mi amor...

You can only shine when there´s a light.
I found my personal light in Havana, Cuba a couple of centuries ago. We met half way in the planet and I have to admit that it was a very wise idea from our teethless Angel Amber (I might bother you with her story another day). She was smart because otherwise we would have been walking upside down for the rest of our lives.

Yep, my light came from the other side of the world. An unexpected, impossible, magic encounter at a time in which I was just a sketch. A good old project.

He came to my life floating on a stream of soft music but I didn´t recognize him at first. It took me two or three mojitos and a strange request at the Malecón :
- Buy me a love song...

I´ve never done any of those things before but the night had been weird enough up to that moment so I did. I bought him a bolero. While the singers were playing bésame, bésame mucho, and as I was listening to his stories I realized that I was beginning to glow.
Me and the singers were pale phosphorus green glowing!

He told me he was the first of a bunch in a baby boomer family and that he grew up as a dirty road boy in a black neighborhood. I never knew until then that there was something called Midwest the size of my own country, Argentina. He smiled at my accent when I told him I was very "yurban" but he was kind enough not to laugh out loud when I took Chicago as a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere.
Then when he mimicked the way he used to call for buyers as a popcorn seller at the circus, Northern Lights of an unknown Aurora Borealis slowly bathed every single being around.
I think the singers vanished because they were just scared after that.

He went on softly speaking about his life as a traveler and as a blues band leader. I had to come closer to him because the more I shined the more he lowered his voice. He whispered things about his times as an air force secret language interpreter, as a political sciences researcher, as a director of some big company, as a cats lover.
It was passed midnight when he tried to reach for his sun glasses. He couldn´t find them so he closed his eyes and I had to grab his hand. And he kissed me.

I realized that we needed a shelter when a fluorescent Cuban passing by shouted at us:
- Hey you, get a room!I don´t know if he heard it or not. With his eyes still shut he said:
- Marry me...
I didn´t say yes immediately but I looked up and there were no more stars or moon. Instead, diamonds were hanging on our heads. I took that as a good sign.
And we married.

Time passed and we run many adventures together although much less that the ones awaiting. The stream of brilliant plasma around me never fades away when I´m with him. Well, in fact it happens to everybody near him. What reminds me,

Hey baby, tomorrow is your birthday
so what do you say if we go out and shine out the city my love?
Happy birthday baby!


Frank.Sugar&Spice said...

This was a gift not only to him, but to us all as well. Thanks for the story and pass along the well wishes for a great birthday.


99 said...

Thanks Frankie-Sugar! I´ll tell him.
Have a great weekend.